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      Our Story

      LandLocked Wake is a unique lifestyle brand that embraces the Lake Lifestyle and everything associated with enjoying your time on the water. The LandLocked Wake brand was created in 2019 by a couple of avid lake lovers.

      We both grew up spending weekends with our families on Hyco Lake in North Carolina. Although we didn’t know each other at the time, the paths of our individual lives would tie us together and to that special place without us realizing it. We had no way of knowing then how the lake and that lifestyle would continue to weave itself through our lives. Fast forward to after we both finished college, mutual friends introduced us and our first date was... you guessed it, at the lake. We were married a couple of years later and much of our time is still spent at the lake with family and friends. Our two daughters have also been raised on the lake and continue the family tradition of being pulled endless ways behind a boat. 

      We join countless others that, when Monday mornings roll around, are dreaming about heading back to the lake. Our passion of being on the water and enjoying all the lake has to offer led us to create a brand that represents the Lake Lifestyle.

      The Lake takes on a life of it’s own. Laid back. Carefree. Fun. Boaters wave at each other. Kids and adults of all ages ski, surf, wakeboard, tube, etc. The occasional dare devil has even been known to place a barstool on a board and try to balance it all while being pulled behind a boat. Fish. Paddle board. Kayak. Canoe. Or simply enjoy a boat cruise complete with sunshine, family and friends. Ice cold drinks. A delicious meal hot off the grill. Good times around a bonfire when the day is done.

      We created this brand to be Laid back. Carefree. Fun. ... just like the Lake Lifestyle. It is not just a weekend pursuit; it is a way of life! Come on, jump in! Get on the water and ride the Landlocked Wake!

      Many ask how we came up with the name LandLocked Wake. It’s quite simple; lakes are landlocked bodies of water. Add a boat and the wake it creates behind it and the possibilities are limitless.

      Lake + boat + wake =  a LandLocked Wake.